what are Mind Jets?

We think of mind jets as launching pads for bigger thoughts*. Grab your coffee, or rocket fuel of choice and give a few mintues to yourself. And to thinking big.

 Here are a few examples. Check back often. 

  • Can 'green' become too trendy? Possibly,  if people buy into the 'label' without learning more about the actual product or system that creates the green product. We were alarmed to learn that in a recent survey 83% of consumers had never heard of Greenwashing. (Huffington Post huffingtonpost.com 7/08 )
  • Looking for big impact with a small budget? Check out these amazing posters and adhesive graphics from around the world. They’re not only attention-grabbing, but offer a clear message and a great stickiness factor. With new printing technologies, just about anything can become an affordable canvas for your message. If you’re interested in a promoting a product or service that provide a social benefit, particularly in rural areas, contact us. We’re looking for new collaborative opportunities. (Warning: nude bottoms may be inappropriate for immature audiences).


*We know, bigger isn't always better, but we're not schlepping about size here. We thought 'deep thoughts' might scare off a few readers.


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