Weight Watchers for the Web?

Studies report that two-thirds of CFOs now drive sustainability efforts in their companies. Overall this sounds good, but what’s actually being measured? Do indicators measure progress, boost public image or both? First-wave sustainability initiatives are often highly visible and focus on the tangibles. After all, reducing or replacing wasteful products or processes actually saves money, even if over the long term. (more)


We’re always interested in hearing about innovative ways to make the invisible—or out of sight—visibly more efficient. Which is why we’re so excited about a recent initiative to help programmers develop leaner, more efficient code resulting in less chug-chug-chugging of device and a less bloated internet. Portland software development firm, Open Sourcery is behind the group leading the charge known as the Sustainable Open Source Software Association.
Instead of watching your computer’s ‘spinning wheel of wait’ read more about Open Sourcery’s efforts to bring sustainable open source standards to the gluttonous galaxy of the world wide web.



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