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Breaking up with Fossil Fuels.

Investing in a future of renewable energy begins by divesting from dinosaur fuels. Kudos to WCC Member: Sterling College, the first college in Vermont and third in US to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies. Join in Global Divestment Day(s) Feb. 13-14. More here. #DIVEST

Weight Watchers for the Web?

Studies report that two-thirds of CFOs now drive sustainability efforts in their companies. Overall this sounds good, but what’s actually being measured? Do indicators measure progress, boost public image or both? First-wave sustainability initiatives are often highly visible and focus on the tangibles. After all, reducing or replacing wasteful products or processes actually saves money, even if over the long term.

Design for GOOD

Repurposing a closed school to support youth education and new economy training? What happens when you apply design thinking to everyday socail challenges? Check out Team ADX presenting at the GOOD Magazine challenge in Portland, OR last month. Missed the GOOD Challenge? We'll be presenting again at the Rebooting Democracy Festival


For the Girls

Wonder what happens when 600 million adolescent girls in developing countries are given a fighting chance? They can change the world. Make it better for us all.

To understand what a fighting chance looks like, you need to first understand their current reality. 70% of the world’s out-of-school children are girls. They not only lack education, but also basic rights to their own bodies. Which is life threatening in developing countries due to HIV-AIDS and teen pregnancy—the leading cause of death for girls 15-18.

When Walmart greens its business practices, do we all benefit?

Recently, Walmart announced a new sustainability goal for its supply chain: Reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from the lifecycle of its products by 20 million metric tons (22 million US tons) by 2015--a figure roughly equal to the company's current annual emissions, and about one and a half times the company's projected carbon footprint growth in the same time period. 

Can recession squelch creativity?

Science shows it to be so. According to the journal Science, thinking and performance are both hindered by types of stress ranging from mildly upset to fearful. The underlying neurobiology proves what many of us already know. The ‘thinking brain’, which turns on learning and creativity, shuts down during stress and gives way to ‘primitive brain’ which reduces our capacity to take in new information and generate new ideas. The feeling of being somewhat powerless in a larger framework like the global economy only adds to the problem.

what are Mind Jets?

We think of mind jets as launching pads for bigger thoughts*. Grab your coffee, or rocket fuel of choice and give a few mintues to yourself. And to thinking big.

 Here are a few examples. Check back often. 

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